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Three Dads With A Passion For Design

Several years ago Chris, Matt and Tony worked together on a design project in Thailand where they created, amongst other things, a Kids Hotel at Iniala Beach House.  From there they formed a design company called Thinkterior and have designed kids interior projects globally.  Now they are manufacturing their own products and have taken one of their favourites designs and made available to buy online.

Chris - the dad that designs stuff

Chris has been creating fantastic interiors for children for over 15 years.  With installs around the globe, search ‘amazing kids interiors’ and Chris’s designs are sure to make the first few images in Google.

Chris designs out of his studio and workshop in Ashburn, VA in the USA and is a devoted dad of two and a regular participant on the Spartan race circuit.

Tony - the dad who makes stuff

Tony has been in manufacturing for over 15 years and his knowledge of materials, processes and logistics has allowed our small team to think globally and start producing our designs on a larger scale.  

Tony has has lived in Thailand for over 20 years, has two young children and when he’s not checking out our factories and partners you can find him spinning some tunes on his Pioneer decks.

Matt - the dad that sells stuff

Matt takes care of the business side of things as well as our marketing and sales.  He’s built a number of start ups in Asia over the last 20 years and enjoys taking ideas and bringing them to reality.

He’s passing on this entreprenurial spirit to his two children who enjoy a side hustle or two whilst they are still at school. When he’s not thinking up the next idea, you will find him behind the lense of his camera in his Malaysian studio.

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